god knows why these guys are bigger than they are cause i reckon they fucken rip..
whne i worked at volcom i used to sing parts of another song these guys did in a funny voice much to the amusement of my fellow co-worker chimmy* (chimango, chimmy changa, changas, o-wranga-chang, bimberley ) ahh how she laughed...then again we used to play hide and seek  like a toddler and she pissed herself at that too...hmmm..maybe she really was laughing at me and not with me..regardless..oh yea..awesome colour. these guys are fucken awesome and well worth a listen. im switching from KYUSS week (n.b kyuss have reformed minus the tall wranga and are touring again!) to awesome color friday.  fuck...what a useless blog entry this was. woooooo


 RIPPING OLD KYUSS! josh hommes haircut is amazing...fuck it! im havin a non stop KYUSS fest for the rest of the week..


were back on! after a good six months of shananigans around the world (read melbourne / sydney / LA) its time to get weird blog style again! i promise the wait was worth it...maybe..hopefully..wellllll... for now...heres a blog about blogs where you can pump your blog full of other peoples blogs that use other peoples blogs pictures....ha... you too can look like you can navigate your way round the googlemachine with ease whilst having a sharp eye for design, culture and other peoples images! get inspired! get ripping...get weird!


im lagging hard getting new stuff up here aint i..shit..never fear tho! i got tonnes to get up! for now i present for you two of the most funniest kids ive ever met..from this angle they looked so metal'd out they where killing it..until you realised that they are wearing pink and fluro yellow short shorts respectively.
they where head banging like it was going out of fashion at slayer and generally being young pups pissing amongst the big bad old dogs lurking at the side of the mosh pit...that was until they starting belting up against a guy on crutches just out of shot...2 warnings went down before said crutch wielding guy simply leaned on his crutches grabbed one kid dropped him then reached across to the still oblivious puppy #2 and put him on top of his mate..he then grabbed his beer back and went back to watching kerry king destroy shit. i think i laughed so hard beer came out my nose! im sure theres a lesson in there never fuck around at a slayer show or something..either way it was entertaining as all fuck! death to all but metal!


this trip to tokyo was hillarious..not only did we get to hang out with old dirty davo...but we discovered how to turn into japanese witch hatbots..damo..of course..figured out how to transform first..if only you could hear the muffled sound of damo laughing so hard i fell over in the street at him...thank god japanese streets are safe as and there are no police around cause we would have been in the drunk tank this night without fail.

what else are ya gonna do in minus 10 degree tokyo after quite o few jack and didnt take long for a local to walk past and cop this...

fuck this photo makes coffee come out my nose i laugh that hard...hows the poor bruce lee look alike just  going "fucken hell..where do these gaijin come from...if we had that bomb back in 44' things would be very different round eyes!"