god knows why these guys are bigger than they are cause i reckon they fucken rip..
whne i worked at volcom i used to sing parts of another song these guys did in a funny voice much to the amusement of my fellow co-worker chimmy* (chimango, chimmy changa, changas, o-wranga-chang, bimberley ) ahh how she laughed...then again we used to play hide and seek  like a toddler and she pissed herself at that too...hmmm..maybe she really was laughing at me and not with me..regardless..oh yea..awesome colour. these guys are fucken awesome and well worth a listen. im switching from KYUSS week (n.b kyuss have reformed minus the tall wranga and are touring again!) to awesome color friday.  fuck...what a useless blog entry this was. woooooo

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